Issue #2: Makeup Session
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Hi dearies.
Okay that sounded weired.
Haha, just want to try it out. That's Vidia's favorite quote.

Anyway, this morning was fab. I went over to Ashley's friends house to have this Makeup Session.
It was cool. And I learned plenty of things about skin care. I don't take much notice about make-up and stuff like that but it was useful information.


Later today, I went for my piano class. It was as usual. I got to learn London Bridge and *Nick Nack Pady Wack. I tried playing "High School Musical 3-Can I have this dance" but it was horrible. Grr.

If you're wondering why this new blog's layout is so practical than my other usual complicated way of designing my other blogs-well, I decided to just be neater this time. Yes, I was fond of decorating my blog like crazy and it got totally messed up. I decided to just make this new blog a neater and organized place.


Today's Music


Thats all. Sorry for such a short report today.