Issue #1: Computer Insanity
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How a computer can kill you

Since last week, the internet has gone utterly slow that I can barely load my Gmail. And you know exactly what happens when that happen - you'd slam the computer keyboard, scream and who knows what. It's what I so call "Satan-Glue-Trap" And I name it because whenever you're on the computer you'd get glued to it at once. It's like a rat-sticky glue. When you're on it, you want everything your own way. When it gets slow you'd go all...Crazy and...Mad...and CHILDISH.

I'm truly and quite shockingly regretted purchasing a membership offer on an online game. How horrible a silly online game like that could really lure you to purchase something unnecessary.

I don't know about you, but I'm oblivious to the surroundings whenever I'm on the computer. It's terrifying.

If I compare what life is two years ago, there's a huge negative difference. And they're practically caused by the "Satan-Glue-Gadget"


World Animal Day OCTOBER 4


Graphics of the day


Quiz for Today: Are you vain?

1. How do you eat a pizza?

a. I carefully slice it with my knife and fork
b. Attack it immediately and stuff it into your mouth
c. I slice it when I feel the pizza is hard and difficult to chew, but it'd stuff it into my mouth when I'm starving.

2. What's the first thing you think when you look at yourself in the mirror?

a. OMG, I'm so pretty
b. Hi, ugly. *chuckles*
c. Oof, my hair's in a MESS

3. How many times have you wished to go to the salon?

a. Plenty!
b. Barely 3 times
c. I just want to be neat

4. Whats the first thing that occurs in your mind when someone compliments your style?

a. Run your fingers through your hair
b. Laugh, thank the person and compliment the person's style in return.
c. Blush

Mostly A's
You think you're Miss Universe and you try to look as good as possible. Just be more fun and easy-going instead of keeping to yourself and about your beauty.

Mostly B's

Try on some groovy nail polish to get a balance in style!

Mostly C's

You're just perfect! Don't change a thing! You've got the right look. Nothing overdone, nothing lacking :)