Start all over.
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You built me up with pretend words and made me feel alright for once in my life. But in the end, the truth came out. You never cared. It was all for show. Thanks for breaking my world up again, harder this time.

August was the hardest. I couldn't comprehend why memories have to be left unexplained.

If by any chance you're reading this post, I don't want to see you anymore. I blocked your Facebook posts, twitter and tumblr updates. I don't care how childish that may sound, but seeing your name just sickens me.

I'm finally through my eating disorder thing. I've put on alot of weight. But I don't mind. I hated how I tried to starve myself before and how I hated myself in every aspect. I'm through. And I've never been happier and satisfied with my life at the moment.

I thought I wasn't capable of doing this alone but in the end, I did this without your help.

So, don't come looking for me one day thinking we can become friends just like before. What you did really changed the way I think about you.

You know who you are.