Like a magpie and a ring, I'm always going to be looking right to you.
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So, although unlikely as possible, to those who are still incessantly faithful to this rusty blog, thanks for dropping by .

Hi . :)

September has started, and exam week for this semester is almost over. My impressions of the exams so far? I'd rather describe each subject individually. Math - Insane; sufficient to stab your brain and send it flying all over the classroom; my calculator couldn't even solve the "simplest" equations on the papers. Accounts - Retarded; Short of time. Science - Crazy; Mostly based on general knowledge instead -.- English - Enough to prevent myself from bringing the test paper to the graveyard for burial ; Fairly easy.

BM test's tomorrow. I'm quite ready to die :)

Life besides studies is nothing more than boring. Friday was a holiday, and I spent my time well on Facebook. Seriously, home-work has this special capability of eating your brain up as well as consuming your time. And then, there's Internet, which is the only thing I would still have energy for.

Want to know how to get nonproductive? Go round this unstoppable cycle everyday: School -> Swim - Homework - Eat- Computer - Sleep. If you continue this cycle until the day you die, I can promise you, you'd be at the bottom of the Losers Whose Lives were Wasted list :)

I hardly every update my blog. It's either because my English is deteriorating with the lack of practice and I've completely forgotten how to decipher my feelings into words or because my attention span is becoming more and more of a gnat.

Okay, 'nuff said. Wake me up when September ends.

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