pathetic condition.
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Ever since yesterday, I've had this horrible stomach-ache when Amy & Anne were staying at my place. Which really sucks, cause it's a mood-spoiler. I was unable to sleep till four that night mainly because I couldn't stop sweating and to top that off, I had three ant (or mosquito, I was too lazy to identify them at that moment) bites on my wrists.

Somehow, I managed to wake up at nine this morning for church, which was good. :D Initially, I didn't feel sleepy at all but I slowly did during the sermons. My eyes were like automatically trying to close -.- And I even lost count of the amount of times I yawned.

But I didn't sleep. I never sleep in church. Muahaha. (Perasan, much.)

It's probably difficult for you to picture the state I am in right now, so I shall help you out.
I'm clutching my stomach, sweating non-stop, blinking my eyes uncontrollably and last but not least, thinking how lovely it would be if I were able to take a shower right now.
But, I can't. I can't seem to move because of my restless (almost paralyzed..haha, kiddings. Not to that extreme) legs.

Screw PMS. Anyways, I'm listening to Owl City-In Christ Alone. Go listen :) It's one of the most beautiful songs I've listened to.

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day. Honestly, I've never made such a deal about it. But this year, I think I should do something related to Valentine's Day on that day. Yes. I'm going to watch I Hate Valentine's Day. Lolss. I'm serious. I really hope it'd be a great movie. Anyone care to join me? Hehehehe. :P

P.S: Sorry for the lack of photos nowadays. Pimples have infested on my forehead once again, ever since the CNY holidays started. Screw pimples. Screw PMS. Sighs. I'm in such a pathetic condition right now -.-