love does not impute evil.
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Having this sudden crave to go on a holiday. Preferably somewhere exotic that's out of Malaysia. Canada would be cool. Or maybe Petra. South Africa.


Speaking of holidays, my dad's planning to go Australia for the THIRD time. He wants my whole family to come along too. We'd be going after my brother's exams which will be in July.
I have NO idea if this trip is partially meant to celebrate my brother's exams OR to celebrate my birthday. After all, my brother's birthday was in London last time. Or something. I do remember he had his birthday in one of the holidays which was out of Malaysia but I forgot precisely where.

:/ Anyhoo, I asked my dad about it and he said it is for the Australia PR thing. Long story.

Honestly, I actually sort of hope my birthday won't be in Australia. Unless my parents say they're not going to celebrate my birthday in Malaysia. 'Cause if I get to, I want all my friends to attend it. I don't want it to be in Australia where I have to tag along my family or perhaps the tour group on my birthday. It's like everything's normal. But also, I can't go around and scream "OMG, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY YOU NEED TO WISH ME SOMETHING AT LEAST". That's be so stupid. Facebook wall posts will really help, but I highly doubt there will be any internet.

And, if we're going to go on tour, it'd usually be hours stuck in the bus and you know how prone I am to motion sickness. For my birthday, I don't want to be sedentary. I want everybody to be active, running here and there. That's me. And so, sitting on a bus? No thanks.

Reading from what I just said, you'd probably be thinking I'm fussy and such. Spoiled. Picky.

I wasn't trying to sound that way. Just wanted to give my opinion.

Chinese New Year is next week! Oh gosh, how time flies :O

Ah, well, I still don't think it's too early for me to wish you xin nian quai le (: