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hi, hello, hey, whatevers. :D
HI, I KNOW YOU ARE HERE. I changed my blog link!! nott this blog. my essay writing blog :D i found 'crayons and glitter' tooo *tries to find the appropriate word* stupid:/ OKAY.not really stupid literally but girlish. AHH. yes, girlish. don't you think so? and it doesn't relate anything about essay writing.. but neither is thegrowingplant anyways -.- hahah. that's the new link to the blog btw. '' :)

anyway,anyway. I feel like changing my blog layout AGAIN. yes, AGAIN. what is this? I make blogskins but I am soo apprehensive when changing MY blog layout. hmpth.
I just don't like my blog's sidebar.. it's really narrowish. and I like blogs where you getta click somewhere and then ta-da, you don't get what i mean do you? nevermind.

anyway, I just came back from badminton with Ashley, Li Juan and Julia. had a great time :D Ohs, and I'd be going to watch Eclipse this friday :O I can't wait!!! And then we'd be watching DESPICABLE MEEE ! I really want to watch The Last Song too (not really, but I do want to see what wrong Miley Cyrus did :OO. :D)

Hehe. well I have to go! i always end my posts with 'i have to go!' or 'i gotta go!' and. I don't know why :/ gahaha. I have to go read my TWILIGHT and My Family and other animals book. (have to finish by monday) So....

byee :)

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