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I changed my bio, once again (: I just love describing myself, people and stuff :D
So yeah. tell me what you think of it :)
My Monologue
My name is Lynn.
A rather mono-syllabic name for me.
There's no 'Mary' or 'Jo' in front.
It's just Lynn.
And it resembles joy, laughter and love.
I want you to remember that :)
A chocoholic and bookaholic at heart.
Torn in between immaturity and maturaity.
I stand in the middle of both.
I cling onto the possibilities in life.
I have the right to speak, I have the right to write.
My memories I keep only contain cheerful thoughts and happy endings. Bad and ugly ones are far forgotten.
God is always the first in life.
I believe that every unfortunate thing happened for a reason.
Everyone should have a chance to let their mind speak. You may be just one drop of an ocean, but you certainly mean something.
I believe and trust in my wildest dreams and ideas. Reality is only part of the show.
I embrace life. You should, too :)