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Tuesday was the day I could finally return to my home sweet home. Jenn's with me now, until tomorrow, the day I dread to come :(

Here's a short recap of the last few days.


Reached KL at about 5 o clock. Wen't swimming that night at 8 until 10:30.


Went to Starship Galatica and had lunch there. Bought the uncatchable toy at the joke shop then Jenn's mother headed off to Reject shop.

Went to Sinma which was next door and got a mirror. Then we left to Ikea for dinner, then Jenn and I went off to shop at Love It in iKano. We got four awesome Little Miss T-shirts at only $10 each. We each bought two. I got Little Miss Fun and Little Miss Chatterbox. Jenn had Little Miss Tidy and Little Miss Fun.

After that we left to the bird expedition which was so damn cool!! I got to touch and hold an unhatched ostrich egg :DD We got to see an owl which was still sleeping, two ducks, a bird which looked an ostrich, many ducklings and chicks and other birds. We got to see face-to-face without them in any cages (except for the owl.) YOU MUSSST GO (:

Anyway, we headed to Pet Safari after that with Jenn's bro to see SUGAR GLIDERS !! I got more attracted to the hamsters that were non-stop somersaulting! Damn, they were the cutest things EVER. hahaha.

By the time we reached home it was about 11:30p.m.

Thursday (today)

Went to Pavilion at about 1p.m, got lost and only reached there at 2:30p.m. Had the yummiest lunch on earth at food republic :

Some other pictures I took:

Shopping at Tangs.

That's pretty much it.
Lynn xx

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