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bonjour awesome people !! :D

I STAYED UP THE WHOLE ENTIRE NIGHT alone. Until about 6 a.m I followed Jenn to school. It was also the day when I'm supposed to go over to stay at my grandparents house because Jenn's going back to Ipoh this Saturday. So I won't be able to go on Facebook/blog for about a week :'(
Anyways, I DID sleep at my grandparents house at 7:40a.m until 2:30p.m. Then I went to eat my lunch, studied, read my books, went for a jog, followed my mom to do some grocery shopping, came home to bathe and eat my dinner then my uncle picked me up and we left to Jenn's house. I'm here now and that's how I managed to go online :D

I gotta go now; seeyou's (: haha.

lynn xx

P.S: it's only 8:15 p.m here and I feel like it's already 1 a.m. -.-