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For starters, the first thing I ever did when I woke up today was to bury my head into a book which is called 'Totally Crushed'. It's a Candy Apple book, which I've wanted to read two years ago and you couldn't imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw that book on the bookshelf of my school library !!!! I borrowed 'Totally Crushed' and "The Babysitters Wars" and I finished them in about half a day. After that I went online for approximately 10 minutes.

Then I wen't to pick Li Juan up and we went to Taman Tun's library where we met Ashley and Julia. You've probably been there before, and guess what? They don't let people wearing shorts or mini-skirts in! Like WTF!!! :P That's pretty sad. Like you can only see people in jeans when you're there-.-
Well anyway, Ashley informed me about this, which I was glad. Otherwise they won't let me in -.- pffft.

I haven't been to that library for about a yeear and I actually thought they'd have LOTS of new books by now, but guess whaaat? I don't even think there were any new ones :/
So we played Uno speed there, which was fun. After that we went to the cafeteria and I had scrambled egg, soya bean and some chips with tomato sauce while Li Juan had some sortof snack which looked like Cheezels ,and Ashley and Julia had ice lemon tea. Then my mom came to send us to Li Juan's house where we did some PRANK CALLING!!

Julia wanted to call Joanne, who didn't pick up her phone. So she decided to call a guy (her classmate) called Shen Wen or something - he PICKED up. It was so frikkin funny!! So Julia took what Li Juan had written for her in a piece of paper and said "Hello, this is Domino's Pizza. May I please take your address again? You've ordered (some pizza i forgot what Li Juan wrote on the note) with puffy crust and extra cheese. Please hold on a minute." and then Julia went into giggles, hoping she had the freedom to laugh her head off. Then she went back and said "Please. talk. to. my boss!!"

From the way you looked at her, we knew she just couldn't talk to him any longer because she was in fits of laughter so Ashley took the phone, which turned out to be a bad idea because she was laughing also. But she said "heello!" with her nose held so it came out as a "heelow ?" which was so hilarious she passed it to me but at that moment I couldn't speak either. So I just took it knowing we were already satisfied with what we had done so I just ended the call.
We played Blindfold afterwards and then my dad came to pick me up at about 7. I went back, took a shower and ate my dinner then called Jenn up because I remembered she wanted to call me.
Then Li Sha and Li Xian smsed me and asked if I wanted to go over to their house and so I went there. We did some computer stuffs and that was pretty much it.

Now I'm watching American Idol with the computer on the table. Finally, I can blog.
I feel exhausted.

BTW! I've got school tomorrow. Some of you might've known I don't have school on Fridays but on Saturdays, so yeah. tata~ !! xx LOVEE U. ;P