The little story
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I was dead, but I am alive again. The cycle repeats, again and again.. time flies. Time flies, without much notice. I don't know where it goes. but life goes on with a reason.

I am writing this little story, not because of any reason in particular but only to tell you more about life.
I am ALIVE. Yes that sounds silly to say, for if I weren't, I wouldn't be able to type. But still, that is quite important information to the people in the future. I've always wondered what happens in the future? Like, will there be plastic bags or something else instead? Or maybe, backpacks wouldn't be made into cloth and airplane toilet bowls won't flush so very loudly (:P). I don't know. But I do know clearly that I am satisfied with my life in 2010. So, maybe the things wouldn't be exactly better compared to the future inventions. but so what ? It's not like we're living during World War II or anything right now.
I have my likings, my dreams and my creativity. I admit I am weired and crazy. But who isn't? Only those who don't know the proper meanings of both words. I was once or twice been told that being weired is bad. Again, there was once a group made fun of me because I told them I was crazy. But I am proud to be both of them. It only means that those people who aren't weired or crazy are just simply dull and plain. Is that good? YES. (and THAT was true sarcasm.)

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P.S: is that a way in closing a post? yeah,maybe. But whatever :P
P.P.S: When I just read my post over again, it felt so. SENSIBLE. o.O
P.P.P.S: But I'm posting it anyways xP CLOG up my blog. hahaha. NOO. not because of that. well, not really :D