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♥ this book.


I'm SO utterly sorry for not posting here in a while. MANY things happened (haha). Not serrious things, but in the "home-work" sense. Gawsh. Those evil things have been weighing me down forever! Especially the long essays -
I've COMPLEETELY forgotten I haven't finished my Malay homeworks due tomorrow!! -.-
Anyways. (I guess I'll have to burn the midnight oil) Here's what happened starting from Friday:


Went badminton with Ashley, Li Juan, Rinah, Julia etc. Had Lipton lemon ice tea for snack.
At night - watched American Idol.

Went to school as usual, read a few entries from Anne Frank's diary and went to Communication Class (English.) and presented on Malaysian Culture & People. You can go take a look at it HERE .

Then my family & I went out for lunch at this really awesome Italian restaurant where I had Pizza with extra cheese, the best mushroom soup, delicious salad, ice lemon tea and tuna fried rice. (!!)
Nearby was Li Sha and Jadelle's mom's shop and so we just dropped by and LiSha and Li Xian were there (:
After that I had ice-cream and we went home.

I packed my bag and stuff at about 11 midnight for church then finished up the Anne Frank book and went to sleep.
After a while I woke up at about 2 o' clock midnight because I heard my mom go downstairs. I then remembered the PIZZA leftovers we had packed from lunch and quickly ran downstairs just in time when my mom took out the pizza. !! It was actually meant for my brother but he already had his slice so then it was mine. there was tuna fried rice leftovers and I drank a packet of soya bean with it. I was SO bloated when I went back to bed.
but well. It made a good breakfast. sort of. it was morning already. :P


Woke up at 9 and got ready for church. It was ANNIVERSARY GIFT DAY and we were meant to wear traditional clothing but I didn't 'cause I outgrew my cheongsam LONG time ago.
For lunch we went out with my dad's church friends at a Chinese restaurant.


Well that's most of what happened.
Oh. I just remembered I haven't finished my English grammar paper. And my Malaysian Festivals presentation. Oh noooooooo (I'm so dead)
And my. essay. D: