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It was raining foreeevr. We were waiting there for like an hour-ish ?! pfft. Even if it was just drizzling or whatever the lifeguard still didn't let us swim.:@

eventually we had to give up and leave without swimming and it seemed like we just went all the way there to borrow their toilets to bathe =.=

then we went to the mini restaurant they had and the guy working there gave Ashley free ice-cream !! and guess what !??! I DIDN'T GET MINE FREE!!! or at least I didn't even get one 'cause the ice-cream was one scoop for $3 -ikr..Damn expensive -.-
So i had 100+ insteead and Julia had mango smoothie :O and Li Juan had chocolate ice cream with vanilla fillings inside. yuumy.

after that we left to Li Juan's house and played BLINDFOLDD!
I was the person blindfolded and I was able to catch them but again they made this rule which once you touch a person you have to guess who that is and I alwayss guess it wwrrrong.

I came back home at around 7 ish and had dinner.
Finally a yummy meeal. there was spicy fried chicken (didn't eat much of it), soup, pork,chicken,potatoes,carrots,rice and fried fish.

hehe. well i guess thats pretty much of everything:/
anyways, gina has been starting to howl a little bit nowadays D: DARN that neighbor's dog has taught Gina how to howl =.=

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