2010 - the year of CRAZINESS
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and it's only the beginning ?!

so I have been reeeally busy these days! Like REALLY busy. You must be wondering why I haven't been on Facebook or Blogger for so frigging long!
Well I'll tell you why!
First off, I will be attending quite a lot of classes.
And I will be going swimming like 4 times a week ?
Plus I might be going to school this year.
And I have many exercise to do
Lastly..Sadly, my dad has been using his laptop like sooo frigging often, because he has to do something online-and now, he's been like seerriioooussly hooked up on Facebook! Gargh! I reeeally regret telling him about Facebook! Grr! So, I have to use the desktop which the computer speed is supposed to be fast, but letme tell you..it's slower than my dad's 5 year old laptop! Okay, i mean seriously! all because of my brother's games which clogged up the memory and made the computer go all sllloowww on facebook! So yeah, double ARGHHHHH
Finally, I could touch this PC today, because my dad is out to play table tennis- so, wooopee!
I had just started to go to this Science class. I realllyyy am horrible in Science so I thought I'd really dread the class like crazy, but instead, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to go there! HONESTLY!!
oh, and there are two benefits if you come.
1. You getta have fun
Ahahahahahaha, okay i sound really mean. but really, i get paid >.< ,
so puhleeaaseee come, i also want your company! (honestly)
I gotta go,
seeyalater (hopefully...)