Christmas Arrangements and Other Stuff ;)
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Hey Peeps!

Made any plans for this year's Christmas?
Now, if you're wondering why I never say 'X'mas' instead..
In MY church, when I was very young, approximately eight years old, my teacher shared a story about it.
PPL say that X'mas and Christmas is the same.
But have you ever wondered...
Just why is there an 'X' over the word "CHRIST" ?
The story was made into a short video clip, to help us to understand better.
It was a very important video clip I really enjoyed. And since then, I never used X-Mas even if I had to waste my money on the smses I'm sending to my friends.



I'm utterly disappointed I couldn't join caroling with Amy , Lauren and Anne.
Bummer =[

But on the bright side, I'd still be going back to meet them this Friday!
And yes, it'll be CHRISTMAS!!! Weee~
Time flies!

I'd still be attending SSMC (my church) 's Christmas Special of course, and then later on, my family and I are off to Perak!! Woots!

Hopefully we will have some spare time to go swimming! That'll be super fun :)!!

But of course, the main point-and the most exciting part of Friday's trip is to celebrate my Grandparent's 50th Anniversary!

What's more is that there'd probably be BBQ at Lauren's.
Might be celebrating LSherng/Daniel's (a.k.a Lauren's Brother) PMR results !

And we're gonna partay like NO ONE can! ;PP

Can't wait!!!


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