Crazy Stuff
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Sooo damn sorrry for not posting here for so long!!
Here's some short crazy stuff.
I didn't manage to go to the charity thing and sell stuff!! :(:( I had to go for an appointment at a docter.
Well I've got this SCOLIOSIS problem and it's freaking me out. Firstly, if you don't know whats that, it means my backbone is out of shape. But in my case my backbone isn't in a severe case so I don't need to wear these horrible brace but I have to exercise like every MINUTE!?

Since my dad and mom knew I had this problem EVERYTTHHIINGGG changed. Like absolutely everything.
Firstly, my dad fixed a chinning bar on my study room door frame. He signed up at The Club @ Bukit Utama. I picked up swimming lessons, I picked up playing badminton again and I had just recently learned how to play ping-pong. And I have been doing Pilates for almost two whole weeks without failure everyday.

But well I just guess I have to tolerate that!
However on the other hand, exercise could be in fact fun. Haha. It makes me very competitive :P

I had my first swimming lesson two days ago. It was fun. I hadn't gone underwater for a really long time so I always thought my ears would go really blockedd. But when I did did go underwater on tuesday, it was fun, not including me swallowing gallons of water though~~

anyway, i g2g

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