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Ey Hey!

Have you ever tried? Or thought of combining two different sort of food you haven't heard of people doing it?

Well, I've been sort of doing that these days.

Here's a bunch of really simple recipes-and they're practically just combining two sort of stuff together.

Chocolate Milkshake


Chocolate Ice-cream
Milk (any sort)


Try picking a strong kind of Chocolate ice-cream. The sort I tried is Kit-Kat ice-cream. It's a bit mixed with coffee, so I advise you to choose another kind.
Milk chocolate would be fine too.


1. Take about two scoops of chocolate ice-cream.
2. Pour in the Milk.
3. Stir until ice-cream is mixed fully with the Milk.
4. Drink it!! It's DELICIOUS.

You can add a sprinkle of Milo powder on top.

Cheesy Mushroom Spaghetti


Mushroom soup
Cooked Spaghetti
A sprinkle of cheese (optional)


1. Pour the mushroom soup into the cooked spaghetti (with the sauce-either tomato or cheesy)
2. Simply eat it! The mushroom soup also goes well with the spaghetti sauce. But you can just eat plain spaghetti with this mushroom soup!

Roti Canai Sandwich


Frozen Paratha/Roti Canai (You can get these at the grocery store. Frozen Food section.)


1. Fry the Roti Canai/Paratha in the pan. (You do not need any oil. The paratha/roti canai itself has oil in it already)
2. Make sure the paratha/roti canai is lying flat open. Then, lay the ham on it then the cheese.
3. Fold the paratha/roti canai into a triangle.
4. Eat it! The cheese should be melted after fried-so it's delicioulsy...Delicious!

More recipes will be posted soon.


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