A bit of news
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So the earlier post is pointless. Don't care one bit of it.

Anyway, do you know Back at Barnyard? It's sooooo addicting!! I do watch it...And I think I've practically seen all the episodes. I love the Big Foot one! Hahahaha..

I've not been in a mood for blogging these days. :(:(

By the way. Here's some exciting news!! I'd be going to sell my homemade crafts to charity!! Me&my friends would be setting up a small stall (temporary, we're not like gonna be saleswomen!!) and sell our crafts we have made to people around the mall. (We're going to set it up in plaza damas in early nov. '09)
I hope I'd be able to sell a couple of stuff! Hehe. coz 50% goes to charity and the other half of the money would belong to us.

Geez, i sound so selfish!! Noooo, I don't mean it that way >.<

I've been using a lott of manglish here...and not writing it PROPERLY like I used to.

Im so lazyyy.